About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Banyan Tree Clinics is to provide health system strengthening to existing clinics and to build new clinics where needed in rural communities in Cambodia. The hope is to stimulate and grow affordable healthcare that is accessible to these communities with the overarching goal of improving public health. This will be accomplished by working within the existing government and community infrastructure to:

  1. Provide supplemental medical equipment and medications
  2. Fund travel arrangements for patients needing higher levels of care
  3. Provide supplementary salary for physicians to enhance job retention
  4. Train and fund community health workers

All assistance provided will be based on the needs of individual communities through collaboration with government and community leaders. The efforts to improve health equality and accessibility will be respectful of local customs and culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower rural communities in underserved nations with the tools to improve their health. We plan to start with Cambodia and eventually expand to other nations based on need. We envision that through our efforts we can help Cambodians citizens as well as Cambodian Americans by providing heath student and medical professionals mentorship and volunteer opportunities. Banyan Tree Clinics aims to provide opportunities that are vested in the advancement of health equality and preservation of culture.

Our Values

Banyan Tree Clinics stands for integrity and a selfless desire to improve the lives of those touched by genocide and poverty. We value compassion, strength, dedication and commitment to the cause. We seek to treat Cambodians and our members with decency and respect. With Banyan Tree Clinics, everyone's voice matters.